Parents of Children With All Special Needs

It is never too late to start practicing self care and wellness. Attend one of our upcoming events to learn more about the POCWASN community. We have built relationships with providers that will service your needs. technology that makes the long term self care possible.

We  look forward to educating each parent about the importance of maintaining self care and wellness. Parents will gain access to self care services that will keep them on the right track to wellness.

Your first visit encounter with POCWASN starts with a simple application. We take the time to evaluate the unique self care needs, so that we can connect you with providers in your area that are able to attend to your needs.


Self Care Services
We are organized as a  Non Profit Organization - 501(c)3.  Our goal is to provide services to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul of the families/caregivers who dedicate themselves to the service of caring for people with special needs. We aspire to change the quality of life for all our clients through the provision of excellent self care services. We are devoted to supporting the parents and primary caretakers of individuals with disabilities.

Every caregiver deserves self-care.

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